CPA Firm California, USA

Capital Coast is a CPA Firm in California, USA. We provide tax, accounting, consulting, and valuation services.

We at Capital Coast take the time to make life simpler for you.

We also help you to reduce paper.

We specialize in Vineyards & Wineries, and Business Valuations.

Tax & Accounting

We provide comprehensive bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, tax, and consulting services for vineyards & wineries.

Business Valuation Services

We provide business valuations for legal advisors and their clients. Valuation services include shareholder dissent, shareholder oppression, and marital dissolution cases. We also provide estate and gift tax valuations and assistance with drafting buy/sell agreements.

For businesses, investment funds, and other CPA Firms, we provide ASC 805, ASC 360, and ASC 820 valuations and consulting. As an auditor’s specialist, we help other CPA Firms audit difficult to value assets such as Level 3 investments, and goodwill.